Natural Cure For Anxiety – Aromatherapy & Phytotherapy


If you are physically strenuous, massage your shoulders with essential oils or add them in the bathroom or sprayer.

- To prepare a massage oil, add 2 drops of geranium oil, lavender, and Santa and one of basil to 2 spoons of cold pressed vegetable oil, such as sweet almond oil or olives oil. In the first 20 weeks of pregnancy omit the basil oil.

- Put a few drops of geranium oil and lavender in the bathroom or in a bowl with very hot water and inhale the scented vapors for five minutes.


- Drink a cup of verbina tea or ginseng tea three times daily for two or three weeks. These plants have a recuperative effect on the nervous system.

- To reduce stress during the day and help sleep during the night, add camomile,linden flowers, valeriana, hops or pasiflora to the tea or take them as tablets or tinctures.

Natural Cure For Anxiety – Positive Thinking

Using claims help reprogramming thoughts, so that emphasis is put on the positive aspects of the life and personality, and not negative. Create short phrases, specific for a situation. Repeat it: “I am suitable for this job, if you prepare for an interview, or” I know and I love all those who come to this party, if you are intimidating by large groups of people. Say the words out loud or write it down several times.

This type of exercise is part of cognitive therapy, which aims at changing the natural or instinctive reactions rather than understanding their causes. For example, the therapist might encourage you to find appropriate explanations for the behavior of others: that person who ignored you at the store has not done that because he isn’t like you, but because he did not observed you or was concerned about something else. Once you’ve caught the idea, you can use it alone, to automatically recognize the negative reactions and replace them with more constructive, positive and realistic ones.

Natural Cure For Anxiety – Relaxation

Evolution has programmed your body to react to dangerous situations through automatic physical changes, which prepare you to fight or to run / hide. Unfortunately, in many situations that we face today to be ready to fight or run is not of too much use, so that nervous tension have few opportunities for outdoor physical manifestation. You can help yourself to the dispersion of this tension by learning to relax physically and mentally. This will help you face difficult situations from the start, to not remain in a state of alert.

Here are some ways:

- Sign up for a course in gymnastics or do other intense physical activities to release muscular tension and nervous energy.

- Take a leisure, as gardening, or listen to calming music.

- Sign up for a course of relaxation or meditation, or use one of the many audio tapes or video lessons for relaxation.

- Practice progressive muscular relaxation